Monday, 2 November 2009

The Commemoration of All Souls . . .

Today we pray for all the souls who are being purified in Purgatory. In order to enter eternal happiness it is necessary that we be purified of all sin.
St Catherine of Genoa in her Treatise writes,

'No one is barred from heaven. Whoever wants to enter heaven may do so because God is all-merciful. Our Lord will welcome us into glory with his arms wide open. The Almighty is so pure, however, that if a person is conscious of the least trace of imperfection and at the same time understands that Purgatory is ordained to do away with such impediments, the soul enters this place of purification glad to accept so great a mercy of God. The worst suffering of these suffering souls is to have sinned against divine Goodness and not to have been purified in this life.'

We can help the Holy Souls pass more quickly to heaven through our prayers, especially the Mass and by making reparation for sin. The infinite value of the Mass makes it the most important prayer we have to offer for the Holy Souls. We can also offer our daily prayer especially the Rosary, our work and any little sufferings or difficulties we experience for the Holy Souls.

During the month of November we should especially remember members of our own family, those who have no-0ne to pray for them and priests who have helped us during our lives.

Our Lady, refuge of sinners,
Pray for us.
. . .

Mass for all who have died during the past year will be celebrated on
Friday 27th November at 7.30pm. All are welcome.

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Jeffrey Steel said...

Thank you Father for your kind words over at the blog. I am glad to know you are here too! I look forward to meeting you one day soon. I know Gerard Hatton well and Fr. Gerard Bradley is my SD.