Saturday, 28 November 2009

Marriage Preparation . . .

Saturdays are usually fairly busy days in most parishes and today was no exception for us here in Banstead.

Couples began arriving early, some before the morning Mass, for our Marriage Preparation Day led by Diocesan catechists, Liz and Neil, and our own catechists, Louise and Brian.

Of course it is an impossible task to try and cover every aspect of marriage in a day's course but they did manage to include discussion on very important topics such as communication, dealing with problems and naturally to talk about the Church's teaching on marriage and the rite of marriage.

I was delighted to welcome eleven couples from various parishes in our deanery who have decided to be married in the Catholic Church. Other similar preparation days will be taking place over the coming year in other parishes in our deanery.

Please keep all these young couples in your prayers as they continue their preparations for their 'big day' and for the rest of their lives together.
Here is a prayer for our young couples to pray themselves:

We thank you, O God, for the Love You have implanted in our hearts.
May it always inspire us to be kind in our words, considerate of feeling,
and concerned for each other's needs and wishes.
Help us to be understanding and forgiving of human weaknesses and failings.
Increase our faith and trust in You and may Your prudence guide our life and love.
Bless our Marriage O God, with Peace and Happiness,
and make our love fruitful for Your glory and our Joy both here and in eternity.

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