Thursday, 27 May 2010

Evangelium Conference 2010 . . .

Have you heard about the Evangelium Conference 2010?

It's a weekend for young Catholic adults (18 to 35) to be held at the Oratory School in Reading from 6th to 8th August.

It sounds like it will be a memorable weekend. Among the excellent speakers will be Fr Nicholas Schofield, Fr Thomas Crean OP, Fr Tim Finigan, Joanna Bogle and many more including the co-authors of Evangelium Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent.

In addition to the talks there will be prayer, daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. The weekend will give you the opportunity to mix with other young Catholic adults who share your faith with leisure opportunities for evening entertainment and sport.

To find out more and download a booking form follow the link here

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