Friday, 7 May 2010

Holy Hour . . .

As suggested in the recent letter from our Bishops, this morning after our parish Mass we held a Holy Hour for healing, forgiveness and a time of renewal.

We began with a time of personal pray followed by praying the Rosary and an Act of Reparation. We concluded with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

It was very encouraging to see so many people staying on for this extra hour and others joining after the end of Mass; especially as we had seen such a commitment from parishioners to our 40 Hours Devotion which only finished yesterday.

The lay faithful are just that! It's heartening to see how faithful our parishioners are, despite all the problems the Church is suffering at the moment.

We'll repeat this every Friday morning during May.

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maria said...

If someone asked me twenty years ago the definition of a Holy Hour, I would have probably invented a couple of things!Today I realised there is no true difinition when one is sharing the sorrows, misgivings and forgiveness of others!Today the Holy Hour at St Ann's personally meant,that God could have an Hour to teach me how to truly love others! Thankyou Fr Miceal for guiding us in prayer!