Monday, 8 November 2010

Five Brave Men and True . . .

A very warm welcome 'home' to the five Anglican Bishops who have today publicly declared their intention to take up Pope Benedict's generous invitation to join the Anglican Ordinariate.

The Rt Rev Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebbsfleet; The Rt Rev Keith Newton, Bishop of Richborough and The Bishop of Fulham, the Rt Rev John Broadhurst; The Rt Rev Edwin Barnes, former Bishop of Richborough and The Rt Rev David Silk, former Bishop of Balleratt in Australia.

Please keep them all in your prayers at this time as they take these first courageous steps into Full Communion with the Catholic Church in the new Ordinariate.

Our Lady, Mother of Priests, pray for us.


Anonymous said...

With love and respect Fr M, I think calling the new Ordinariate "Anglican" is a confusing misnomer. It is, of course, fully Catholic and will be made up of 100% RC's - albeit former Anglican ones.

We all know what you meant, but there's still quite a lot of confusion about what the Ordinariate really is.

Hope you don't mind me mentioning it.

Fr Míċeál Beatty said...

Anonymous thank you for your comment. I am pleased you knew what I meant ; I'm sorry if I appeared to confuse the meaning of the Ordinarite.