Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Alleged Conflict between Faith and Reason . . .

Fr Andrew Pinsent has sent me a link to a presentation he made recently in Ireland entitled 'The Alleged Conflict between Science and Faith'.

Some of you may remember Fr Andrew Pinsent from the time he came to talk to us here at St Ann's about Evangelium, a multi-media catechetical course co-authored by Fr Pinsent and Fr Marcus Holden.

I hope you enjoy the presentation.


Maria said...

Good day Fr.Miceal, just managed to have a quick look at the blog and enjoyed.the recent posts including this one thankyou.Although not a Facebook user I am able to access the wall links and you tube links,they have not only been informative but they have helped me personally. The post about adopting a Cardinal is brilliant and I certainly will encourage others to follow suit.God bless and thank you once again.

Khoi said...

Very interesting!
Thank you for posting it.